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New Release! Full Menu Clips for Keurig 2.0

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 metal freedom clips plus 2 silicone clips and 6 orange DIY freedom stickers and enclosed instructions.
UNLOCKS ALL MENU OPTIONS: Stainless Steel Clip with durable and functional design can let you brew any K-Cup or carafe with your favorite flavor in Keurig 2.0 Brewing Systems and models Plus Models.
REMOVABLE AND SAFE: Freedom clips can be easily installed and removed, BPA free, with no harm to your brewing system.
STICKER USER INSTRUCTION: Affix orange sticker to lid of a non-compliant K-Cup or reusable coffee pod along the edge. Insert K-Cup to the 2.0 Brewer holster with sticker at 9 o'clock position and centered with the left chamber notch. Stickers can be used until adhesive is gone. Just peal and exchange for a new one.
GREAT GIFT: Now go forth and brew with freedom!