Great Coffee Starts With Great Water
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Join the Geesta Iced Coffee Revolution and brew delicious, fresh cold brew coffee at home!


The iced coffee maker system combines two simple materials that you can set up in seconds to brew coffee overnight in the refrigerator. Through the slow steeping process, cold brew coffee is nearly acid-free and without a paper filter to absorb vital aromatic oils, you’ll be able to taste the bold chocolate, floral, and fruity flavor notes of your favorite coffee beans.

Set the stainless steel coffee infuser into the 2-quart wide-mouth glass mason jar and pour your coarsely ground coffee beans inside. The coffee filter has an innovative half-cone design for optimal permeability and potent steeping. Plus, the polished metal is precision-made with a 600-grade mesh that is so fine, it guarantees brewed coffee that is almost entirely sediment free.

For best results, slowly pour in room temperature water while you stir to wet all of the coffee grounds. Thanks to the molded markings on the side of the heavy-duty glass mason jar, you can easily measure and brew one or two quarts of cold brew coffee at a time. After 12-24 hours, easily pull out the infuser with the built-in handle and wash the Geesta infuser and jar by hand or put them in the dishwasher. You’re going to love making all of your favorite iced coffee treats and steeped teas at home – the possibilities are endless!


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"Well made, and works like it should. We were so pleased, I bought a second one to take with me for work."

----Shane from Amazon



Full Menu Clips for Keurig 2.0!

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 metal freedom clips plus 2 silicone clips and 6 orange DIY freedom stickers and enclosed instructions.
UNLOCKS ALL MENU OPTIONS: Stainless Steel Clip with durable and functional design can let you brew any K-Cup or carafe with your favorite flavor in Keurig 2.0 Brewing Systems and models Plus Models.
REMOVABLE AND SAFE: Freedom clips can be easily installed and removed, BPA free, with no harm to your brewing system.
STICKER USER INSTRUCTION: Affix orange sticker to lid of a non-compliant K-Cup or reusable coffee pod along the edge. Insert K-Cup to the 2.0 Brewer holster with sticker at 9 o'clock position and centered with the left chamber notch. Stickers can be used until adhesive is gone. Just peal and exchange for a new one.
GREAT GIFT: Now go forth and brew with freedom!